Support Services

Circle of Life (Seniors) Ministry

Encourages our seniors to engage and to participate in ministries and service projects that share the Good News of God’s Love in Jesus Christ. We provide seniors opportunities for fun, fellowship, spiritual growth, services, and information referrals.

Circle of Life: Naomi Adelaja
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Silent Workers Ministry

Provides programs and activities that support the Christian family and church community by advocating educational and economic empowerment of all people.

Silent Workers: Sutana Goldson

Health Ministry

Helps members of the congregation through a group of trained medical professionals. They attend to any medical concerns/issues that may arise with the members during the worship services and other events. We also provide training and information on various health issues.

Health: Gilberto Ward
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Bereavement ( Family Care)

Provides spiritual support to persons who have experienced the loss of a loved one. We help families move through the grief process, reassuring them of the presence and purpose of God for strength, understanding, and comfort.

Bereavement: Rev. Hyacinth Rocke
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Bereavement Repast: Jannie Humphrey
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Business Entrepreneur Ministry

Provides resources and information to Christian business owners to enable effective management that aligns with God’s Word.

Leader: Angela McNeill
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Social Action Ministry

Seeks to keep the church as a beacon of light by promoting social agendas and political concerns, sponsoring voter registration drives, and providing education on civic responsibility and community involvement.

Social Action: Louis Romain
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Culinary “Bread of Life Ministry”

Glorifies God and serves the community by preparing meals for church sanctioned activities in a manner that demonstrates God’s love and care for His people.

Culinary (Bread of Life): TBS
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Harambee Ministry

Creates a forum of information services, equipping the members of our church and community with resources that will empower them and promote emotional and spiritual development. We offer relevant forums, workshops, and roundtable discussions. Additionally, we provide individual counseling on social service, as well as financial and legal issues.

Harambe: Rhonda Fountain
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