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Praise & Worship

  • Worship Coordinator Ministry

    Worship Coordinator Ministry

    Worship Coordinator Ministry is responsible for coordinating and organizing the Worship Ministries to effectively and efficiently conduct worship services in a spirit of excellence.
    Sabrina Stephens
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  • Ushers Ministry

    Ushers Ministry

    Usher Ministry serves God and the congregation by being the doorkeepers of the church. The ushers provide guidance and direction to the worshippers during the worship service.
    Usher: Dwuan Martin
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    Usher: Beverly Harris
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  • Deaf Ministry and Hard of Hearing

    Deaf Ministry helps deaf people SEE the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Savior through their eyes using American Sign Language and reaches out to deaf communities in and around Westchester County and New York City.
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry: Carrie Bennett
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  • Hospitality Ministry

    Hospitality Ministry ministers to people through warm greetings to each worshipper to extend a spirit of welcome. We provide a hospitable service to all guests and members during worship services and other church related events.
    Hospitality: Dejuan Blackwell
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  • Dance Ministry

    Dance Ministry

    Dance Ministry is the praise and worship of the Lord through the God-given gift of dance. The liturgical dance ministry at Greater Centennial consists of NuPrayze, which is geared towards youth and teens from ages 10-17; and Prayze in Motion which is a multi-generational group for young adults, adults and seniors.
    Janelle Harper
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  • Music Ministry

    Music Ministry

    Music Ministry leads the congregation in worship, through the celebration of music and dance. Music Ministry helps to foster the joy of worshiping God through various methods of songs, dance, and vignettes.

    • John Paxton Chorale
    • Wilcox-Jackson Choir
    • Praise Team
    • Lois C. Olden Women's Choir
    • Melusina S. Reeberg Mass Choir
    • Fagan Crockett Children's Choir
    • Youth & Young Adult Choir
    • Charles Howcott Male Chorus

    Nicole Phifer
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  • Drama Ministry

    Drama Ministry

    Drama Ministry A.C.T.S.S. biblical interpretation through the arts.
    Drama: Sis. Sonja Smash
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  • Prayer Ministry

    Prayer Ministry meets on Wednesday mornings and Saturday evenings. They remain in fervent prayer for, and with, members at all times.
    Prayer Ministry: Lorraine David
    Prayer Ministry: Rev. Rocke
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  • S.T.A.N.D. Ministry

    S.T.A.N.D Ministry seeks to teach, admonish, nurture and discipline while maintaining and providing security for church membership and property.
    S.T.A.N.D.: Phyllis Steele
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