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We are delighted that you have decided to spend some time with us on our website! It is our sincere and humble prayer that you find your worship experience transforming and you will find the content on our sight informative!

  • Weekly Schedule

    Worship Service Schedule
    Sunday: 7:00am, 9:30am & 12 Noon

    Sunday School Ages: 5 through Adult
    Sunday: 9:15am Fellowship Hall

    Bible Study: Adult, Children, Youth
    Tuesday: 7:00pm

    Early Morning Prayer
    Wednesday - 7:00am

    Youth 4 Christ
    Friday - 7:00pm

    Saturday Night Prayer
    Saturday - 7:00pm

  • How do I get to your church?
    Click here for directions to our church.

    What can I expect from service?
    You can expect a dynamic, Holy Spirit filled worship experience that is powerful, purposeful and personal.

    Where can I park?

    • Greater Centennial Way Parking Lot (formerly South 8th Ave) located on Greater Centennial Way between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
    • The Administration Building Parking Lot can be entered from South Ninth Avenue near the corner of West Fourth Street.
    • The Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center Parking Lot is only accessable on Sundays between 9am and 3pm. This parking lot can be entered from South Eighth Avenue just past the Fourth Street Park.

    Do you have a nursery?
    Yes, we do! Our nursery is a gentle haven for God's precious little ones. It is located at 108 West Fourth Street. The nursery is available at the 9:30 and 12noon service times. Children between the ages of 0-4 years old are welcomed. The nursery staff engages with all of the children through play time, story time, and snack time. The staff is also certified in CPR and have cleared background checks. After parents have checked in their children, they are given buzzers that will be used for contact, in case of emergency.

    What can I wear to your church services?
    We truly believe in God's "come as you are" proclamation. Therefore, when you worship with us you can dress as comfortably as you desire. Your comfort may be traditional church attire, jeans and sneakers, or business casual. Whatever you chose is alright here at Greater Centennial.

    Further Questions?
    If you have any further questions, feel free to reach our Membership Services department at ext. 104. They will answer any questions you may have about your visit and further developing your relationship here at Greater Centennial.

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