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Pastor Pogue & Family

Pastor Pogue & Family

Pastor, Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church
In addition to his role as spiritual visionary, Pastor Pogue serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Greater Centennial. He provides unsurpassed leadership and shepherds the flock of Jesus Christ. His primary responsibilities are to lead, nurture and endow saints with tangible teaching that will advance the Kingdom of God.
Bishop Dennis V. Proctor & Mrs. Proctor

Bishop Dennis V. Proctor & Mrs. Proctor

Bishop Dennis V. Proctor
Presiding Prelate, Northeastern Episcopal District As a distinguished member of the Board of Bishops, Bishop Proctor oversees the Northeastern Episcopal District, one of the twelve Episcopal Districts of the African Methodist Episocopal Zion Church. The Board of Bishops is responsible for the general supervision of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
Rev. Isidoa Branch, Sr. & Mrs. Branch

Rev. Isidoa Branch, Sr. & Mrs. Branch

Presiding Elder, New York Conference, Westchester District
Presiding Elder Branch supervises the Westchester District of the New York Conference. Greater Centennial is one of the churches in the Westchester District under his care.

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Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Pogue

Rev. Dominique Lester
Assistant to the Pastor

Bro. David Bradley
Business Manager/Operations

Sis. Jan Fennell
Events and Logistics Coordinator

Sis. Jill Richardson
Pastor's Executive Assistant

Sis. Cheron Wilson
Assistant Business Manager

Sis. Saundra Jefferson
Office Manager

Sis. Tameca Rocke
Director for Membership Services

Bro. Keith Humphrey
Facilities Manager

Sis. Tynisha Smith
Facilities Associate

Sis. Shakema Wray
Facilities Associate

Bro. Robert Rhodes
Facilities Associate

Bro. Marquise Chavis
Safety Officer

Bro. Francis Lawrence

Ministerial Staff

Ministerial Staff

Sis. Nana Ashhurst

  • Assimilation & Barnabas
  • Imani Cultural Academy
  • National Council of Negro Women
  • Church Women United
  • Writers
  • Website

Rev. Yolanda Blackeney

  • Singles Ministry
  • Worship Team Leader

Bro. Augustine Boateng

  • Health Ministry

Bro. Clinton Bryant

  • Greater Centennial Credit Union
  • Communications
  • Counseling

Sis. Keisha Dixon

  • Children's Ministry
  • Nursery

Sis. Jan Fennell

  • Culinary Ministry
  • Hospitatlity Ministry
  • STAND Ministry
  • S.T.E.P.S. Ministry

Bro. Gary Fuller

  • Bereavement Ministry
  • Social Action Ministry
  • Ushers Ministry

Bro. Fitzroy Harris

  • Harambee Ministry

Rev. Walter Grosvesnor

  • Greater Faith Mission Church

Bro. John Hanton

  • New Beginnings Ministry

Sis.Tracey Hanton

  • Family Life Ministry
  • Silent Workers Ministry

Rev. C. Anthony Hepkins

  • Prison Ministry

Sis. Lorna Hibbert

  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing Ministry

Rev. Dominique Lester

  • Assistant to the Pastor

Bro. Jermaine McBride

  • Sports and Recreation Ministry

Bro. Kermit Morris

  • Cub Scout/Boy Scout

Bro. Richard Naughton

  • Evangelism Ministry

Bro. Champ Roberts

  • Entrepreneur Ministry

Rev. Hyacinth Rocke

  • Circle of Life Ministry
  • New Members Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Visitation Ministry

Bro. Nicole Rocke

  • AIM Ministry
  • W.H.& O.M.S.
  • Women's Ministry
  • Worship Team Leader

Rev. Dr. Angela Ryan

  • Noon Day Bible Study

Rev. Harvey Salmond

  • Evangelism

Rev. Victor Sims

  • Class Leaders
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Men's Ministry
  • Worship Team Leader

Sis. Whitney Smith

  • Assistant Minister
  • Youth & Young Adults
  • Drama Ministry

Sis. Prudence Tolliver

  • Care-Ring Ministry

Rev. Ivory Underhill

  • Evangelism Ministry

Rev. Nathaniel Williams

  • Emeritus

Sis. Brenda Milligan

  • Local Preacher

Sis. Nichola Johnson

  • Local Preacher

Rev. Dr. Eda Clarke Ramsey

  • Adult Ministry