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Children, Youth & Young Adults

  • Youth Ministry

    Youth: Yanna Lee Edwards
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  • Youth 4 Christ

    Youth 4 Christ

    Youth for Christ Ministry empowers young people by training them to participate in the body of christ through evangelistic efforts, biblical principles and fellowship opportunities.
    Yanna Lee Edwards
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  • Children’s Church

    Children’s Church

    Children’s Church Ministry nurtures children of ages 5-12 by providing a worship service that is a welcoming and loving environment and lays a foundation of faith and biblical knowledge.
    Children’s Church: Rev. Dominique Lester
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  • Nursery Ministry

    Nursery Ministry

    Nursery Ministry provides care for children (infants – 4 years old) in a safe and comfortable environment during worship services.
    Nursery: Rev. Dominique Lester
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  • Scouting Ministry

    a. Boy Scouts of America - Through the Scouts of America provides educational programs for boys and teenagers to build character, train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develop personal fitness.

    b. Girl Scouts of America - assists today's girls to become tomorrow's leaders by providing them with a wide variety of opportunities and by encouraging increased skill building and personal responsibility. We also promote the development of strong leadership and decision-making skills.

    Scouting: Beverly Lyte
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    Scouting: Elizabeth Smith
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  • Community Bible School

    a. Community Bible School – Karen Lovell
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  • College Ministry

    College Ministry encourages and guides young people between the ages of 18-22 to grow deeper in their relationship with God, as well as assist and motivate them as they progress through college and other educational endeavors.
    College: Darryl Tryee
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  • Young Adult Ministry

    Young Adult Ministry unites the community of young adults ages 18 to 40, in Christian fellowship and helps to guide them to their purpose. They strive to empower young adults to use their gifts to glorify God and edify the body of Christ, and to have a deeper appreciation and greater understanding of their relationship with community, Church and Christ.
    Young Adults: Bro. Louis Romain
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