The Lord has been good to each of us. He has given us this new day and although we may not know what this day is going to bring, we do know that The Lord made the day with us in mind. As we go throughout this day we may hit some rough spots and some things may not go the way we thought they were going to go, but we can still be thankful that we have a day called today. No matter what happens during the course of this day, let us make up our minds that through it all we are going to rejoice. The Scripture reminds us to, rejoice always. I encourage you today to find reasons to rejoice. You may be able to find many reasons to complain about things that are happening around you, but instead of looking for reasons to complain, look for reasons to rejoice. Rejoice because The Lord has been good to you. Rejoice because The Lord has made so many ways for you. Rejoice because no matter what it is that you go through, The Lord is with you. Let today be a day of rejoicing in the goodness and greatness of The Lord. No matter what comes my way no matter what may happen, I will find reasons to rejoice because I know that The Lord has been good to me. Since I will rejoice in The Lord always I have no doubt, “It’s My Year To Get My Thing From My God!”



For all of the great and wonderful things you are doing in my life, and for all of the ways you have made for me, and for all of the ways you will make for me in my life, I will continue to rejoice in The Lord. Thank you for being so good to me. In Jesus Name Amen.