God’s Plan

Life can be unpredictable at times. Some people read their horoscope every day and look for those things that it says to come to pass. Only if life was that simple we would all know and understand what was going to happen and how things were going to turn out. Unfortunately, things in life are not that simple, life is more complicated than that. We can make plans for our lives and how we think things will turn out and it does not always work out the way we plan. Each of us has went to work with a plan what we were going to get accomplish on any given day, and right from the start nothing or very little of what we planned to do has been accomplished. Phone calls, unexpected meetings pop up and before we know it our day is gone. We can plan all we want, but things do not have to go according to our plan. The Scripture reminds us that, for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. I encourage you today to let God's plan rule in your life. His plan for you is better than any plan you could ever have for yourself. God's plan for you is to prosper you, it may be difficult to see that right now with all that you may be going through, but it is God's plan for you. God's plan is not to harm you even if it doesn't seem like God is any where close to you, or your situation right now. God's plan is to give you hope and a future. His plan is so much better than your plan. God knows what will happen tomorrow and the next day and forever. God's plan will prosper you and as long as you are on God's plan you should have hope, and if you have hope in God then you will have a future that is bright because it is in God's plan. I know He knows the plans He has for my life and no matter what it looks like right now I can say with boldness, "It's My Year To Get My Thing From My God!"


Lord help me to see your plan for me life, so I can be all that you called me to be. I know your plan for me is to lift me up and to give me a hope and future, and that is the plan I want for my life. In Jesus Name Amen.

Be Inspired,
Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Pogue, Pastor
Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church
Mount Vernon, NY