Alone Time With God

Each of us want to experience the rich blessings of The Lord in and in for our lives.  If we had a choice of being blessed or not we would most certainly chose to be blessed.  Being blessed is knowing that God has shined His favor on our lives in a unique way where it can only be God who caused it to happen.  There are times in our lives where we can point out the blessings of God operating in our lives.  The difficulties come when we want to be blessed or need a blessing from The Lord and we just do not know how to receive it.  People will tell us all types of things and give us advice on what to do in our situation, but there are times when we just need to get alone with God and hear from Him.  

The Scripture reminds us to; consecrate ourselves today to the Lord, even every man upon his son, and upon his brother, that he may bestow upon you a blessing this day.  I encourage you today to consecrate yourself to The Lord.  This means you will have to separate yourself from people in order to hear from God.  When you consecrate yourself to The Lord you are getting closer to Him, and at times getting away from others.  Your spouse may have great knowledge and wonderful advice, but nobody knows you like The Lord, and even those close to you at times can try to steer you away from what God wants for your life.  

It is very important to find time to set yourself apart and spend some time with God in order for Him to bless you.  One day you are going to have to stand before Christ and you will have to answer Him for yourself, your mother, father, sister, brother, or spouse will not be there, just you and Christ.  Make sure you consecrate yourself today, because when you get closer to God He will bestow a blessing on your life.  

I thank God that I take the time to be alone with Him and because I have consecrated myself I know, "It's My Year To Get My Thing From My God!"


Lord as I spend time with you, allow me to hear your voice and feel your presence, so I may not only receive a blessing from you, but I will also be a blessing for you.  In Jesus Name Amen.

Be Inspired,
Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Pogue, Pastor
Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church
Mount Vernon, NY