Visible Faith

Some of us will put our faith in things and in people who we should not put our faith in.  Some will put their trust in finances and in houses, and cars, and when those fail them they lose faith in almost everything else.  Some will put their faith in people who are there for them when everything are going well, but when the tough times come they cannot be found and as a result they lose faith in all people.  When we put our faith in The Lord we will discover that He will never fail or leave us, but He will always be there with us.  In all that we go through in this life, The Lord can see our faith, and when He does He will move obstacles out of our way.  

The Scripture reminds us that, When Jesus saw their faith; He said unto him, your sins are forgiven.  I encourage you today to remember that The Lord can see your faith.  When you walk in faith The Lord knows that your complete trust is in Him, and He will open doors for you that were previously shut.  He will make ways for you where there seemed to be no way.  When The Lord sees your faith, He will bless you above measure and as you walk in faith.  

It is not easy to always walk in faith, but when you know that you serve a God that has never failed you, having faith in Him is essential to all that you are or will be.  No matter how difficult life's journey may become, keep your faith in The Lord and He will be with you always.  No matter what comes or what goes, my faith is securely in The Lord.  

Since I will always let The Lord see my faith, and when He sees my faith I know He will open doors for me this is why I know for sure, "It's My Year To Get My Thing From My God!"


Lord see my faith as I put all of my trust in you.  I do not know how things will work out, but because all of my faith is in you I know it will work out in my favor.  In Jesus Name Amen.

Be Inspired,
Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Pogue, Pastor
Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church
Mount Vernon, NY