Fasting And Praying

As we begin this Lenten journey of reflection and repentance, we are hopeful that The Lord will replenish, revive, and renew us as we are fasting and praying. These next forty days will be an opportunity for us to draw closer to The Lord, and allow us to hear His voice more clearly in our lives. The Scripture reminds us to, blow the trumpet in Zion; sanctify a fast; call a solemn assembly. I encourage you today as you begin this time of fasting and prayer to commit yourself to being better at the end of this time than you were at the start.

Allow this to be a time of not just not eating, but a time of consecration and dedication to becoming a better you. Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights, because He knew that the journey ahead was going to require Him to be connected to The Father, and as we are fasting let us remember this is a time for us to be connected to the Triune God in a way that we have never been connected before, and for us to hear Him more clearly than we ever have. 

I pray that as we begin this journey of fasting together that you will be blessed beyond measure, and feel His Presence more powerfully than you ever have. During this time of fasting and praying I am committed to becoming a better disciple of Christ, and to hearing His voice more clearly, and feeling His Presence more powerfully.

Since I am committed to this time of fasting and praying I have no doubt, “It’s My Year To Get My Thing From My God!”


Lord allow me to hear your voice and feel your presence throughout this time of fasting and praying, and at the end of this journey I will be much better than when I started this journey. In Jesus Name Amen.

Be Inspired,
Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Pogue, Pastor
Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church
Mount Vernon, NY